Love gardening?

Join MGC! We take the summers off from meetings to enjoy our gardens. We use the cold months for learning MORE about gardening and visiting with like-minded gardeners in the Mahtomedi/White Bear Lake area and who share concerns about the environment.

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The Mahtomedi Garden Club is a group of individuals who are passionate about growing beautiful flowers and learning new things about gardening. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about the role we play in the community, opportunities for gardening education, membership, and our special programs and events.

Mahtomedi Garden Club

             Growing a blooming community

Things to do in the garden in January

  • Pour through those seed catalogs and place your orders
  • Think about last year's garden and redesign if it makes sense
  • Check your stored bulbs and overwintered plants
  • Recycle your Christmas tree as mulch or a bird feeder
  • Keep your bird feeders full and provide unfrozen water
  • Take a gardening class
  • Sharpen your tools
  • Organize supplies for winter seed sowing