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The Mahtomedi Garden Club is a group of individuals who are passionate about growing beautiful flowers and learning new things about gardening. We invite you to explore our site and learn more about the role we play in the community, opportunities for gardening education, membership, and our special programs and events.

Mahtomedi Garden Club

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Save the bees! Join us Oct. 14, at 6:30 p.m., at the District Ed Center

Speakers Patricia Hauser and Jeff Dinsmore will present "Creating a Bee Safe Yard and City: How we are doing it and how you can too!" Bees are in peril.  You know how these incredible little life forms are holding up our food system and providing us with so many beautiful flowers that touch our hearts.  Come to the Mahtomedi Garden Club  talk and learn how "Humming for Bees" began, what they're doing to protect and support bees.